April 29, 2018

Birthday are a BIG deal!

For those of you who don't know I have a fun sign up where you can receive a birthday card from me each year.  I absolutely love making and sending out cards!  So I need to make A LOT of Birthday cards.  Here are some fun ones I made with the paper pumpkin kit a few months ago.
Make sure to sign up to receive your birthday card from me each year by clicking HERE.  There is still time to get your favorite retiring items, stock up before May 31, 2018. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! I just signed up for your birthday list. I, too love to send cards out to folks on their birthdays. I send to friends, family, coworkers... I'm also in a group that sends out birthday cards on Facebook and I also send to anyone who asks. :) I'd love to send one to you as well, if you'd like?

    1. Tina, wonderful! I look forward to adding your to my list of birthday card receivers :) I will send you a message with my information, I would love to receive a card from you too!

  2. The card designs in these pictures is are all simple yet beautiful. I’m also working on some invitation cards for my daughter’s birthday party, which is next week. We are organizing the party at one of the well-known event locations in our city. The invitations I’m making will mainly be sent to the parents of my daughter’s schoolmates.